Status of Flipped Classroom Research

I think it is time for a quick status check into flipped classroom research. Much has been written about the what and how of the flipped classroom but how much research is there on it. After all its the research and the results of the surveys and data which is going to determine the future of this classroom model.

Generally it is agreed that there is just not enough research on the model to definitively say anything about it. Not just in what is currently available but also new studies that are just beginning. There is data coming in but not nearly as fast as the practice is spreading. Much of the research is anecdotal and is not scientifically based. We can see some trends but how valid are they in the absence of the scientific data.

Some of the trends cited include:

1. Improved communication between the faculty and the students.

2. More opportunities for feedback in the real-time, face to face environment.

3. Increased student engagement

4. More self-paced learning experiences

5. More relevant hands on experiences


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