Is there an advantage to producing your own videos as an instructor?

This question was submitted by a reader who was wondering if there was any advantage to producing your own videos or could you just rely on third party content from YouTube, TED Talks or some other source. I think generally the answer to this question is yes, there is a distinct advantage. Producing your own lectures or content source gives you greater control over the content. Keep in mind the content of whatever you use must conform and align with the course outcomes. The problem with some third party content is that you have little or no control of the content and it may or may not support your outcomes. When using third party content extra care must be taken to assure that what the students are getting from the source is just what they need.  Third party content may drift off to content that may be on the periphery of what you really want and the lack of specificity may only serve to confuse you students. Controlled content through faculty produced video may often be the best source for your students. If you find content that is on point then great but beware using inappropriate content maybe worse then using none at all.


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