Are videos enough? Passive or Active learning.

It sounds pretty easy to just put a few lecture videos in your flipped course for the students to watch between classes. We have seen with some simple equipment or with screencasting we can accomplish this. But the video itself is only part of the answer. We have no idea whether the students are watching these or not and its going to be a week or two, depending on your class schedule when you will meet with them again. This is an issue not only for the hybrid flipped course instructor but for the online instructor who may have uploaded an number of videos which align with his course and program objectives but these may very well be passive activities for the students. For the student to be actively engaged with the material they need to have some activities associated with the videos which check their understanding of the content. just like you would with any instructional activity, you must build in reflective activities to have students think about what they learned, How do we check them on the relevance of what they are watching?

Reflection should be a part of your regular classroom environment and if these procedures are not implemented in the flipped classroom then the videos all become passive assignments and they will not be effective.  Students need time to reflect on what they have been watching to connect content to objectives, Videos will need associated activities which will challenge the students thinking and provides an opportunity for the instructor to assess the students progress.


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