Easy video alternatives for flipped course development

First I am going to consider that you do not have a videographer available to you to shoot your videos for you and for the most part you are on your own to get video into your courses. Larger institutions and private online universities can accommodate you but if you work in an institution like mine which is on a very limited budget then you will need to be more resourceful.

If you want to do video from remote locations where you cannot bring your computer and or laptop. For example you might want to record a short video from a historic location or do a remote interview with someone. In these situations you will need to have some type of handheld video camera. In this video we will look at some common video alternatives that you have available to you. Keep in mind that there will almost always be limitations but in general these will do a good job for you.


I am going to add a short segment to the Video Gallery about shooting video with a DSLR. This is a more advanced skill so I am not going to include that in my posts on this main page. That should be posted in the next week.

There you have it. You may have some of these lying around somewhere. If you do give them a try and see how they come out.


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