The setup

In a flipped class, the work which is designated as pre-class work helps the student to prepare for the face-to-face (F2F) sessions with enough knowledge to participate at higher cognitive levels on Bloomberg’s Taxonomy. The F2F activities should actively engage students so they can develop meaning about the content. This is the inversion of the traditional lecture-based model where students hear a lecture and then do work on their own away from the classroom. The student is in most need of an instructor when he or she begins us to use course material and is posing questions or is in the need of direction. In a flipped classroom the instructor provides just-in-time attention or provides critical guidance. In this role the instructor is more like a guide or mentor through the process.

In many ways this appears more as student centered or collaborative approach with the students and their instructor. Keeping in mind this is a blended learning situation we are moving the collaboration to the classroom.



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