Shift your thinking

As I prepare for a set of workshops with our Early Childhood Instructors in Miami I have to think about how the idea of the flipped classroom is a shift in thinking for many of them,. In many ways we have had a traditional model for teaching at our university which has been a top down approach. For our virtual courses we have been able to build to some degree of another a more student centered approach. Yet still there is some reliance on the “lecture” method for much of the content in the course. We have yet to really turn the corner on true learning community courses where the students become the teachers and the faculty member is the guide.

Hopefully as we work with the staff on “flipped courses” we are going to be able to show faculty that they can use a variety of resources to present issues to the students who can then research the issues and begin a conversation. Much of this would be done outside of class and would be preliminary to discussions conducted during class. Our hope is to increase the collaborative time spent in class and reduce the amount of “lecture” time and assign that as part of their outside of class activity.


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