What is different about flipped classes?

What is the Flipped Classroom?

The flipped classroom is a teaching model that delivers instruction outside of class through interactive, teacher-created videos and moves “homework” to the classroom. Moving “lectures” outside of the classroom allows teachers to spend more 1:1 time with each student. Students have the opportunity to ask questions and work through problems with the guidance of their teachers and the support of their peers – creating a collaborative learning community type environment. As we will see this model also looks at redefining the lecture mode as something very different. The lecture in this model becomes a inquiry format which promotes student thinking and questioning.

I really like this video from TED Talks from a presentation by chemistry instructor Ramsey Musallam. He raises the interesting questions about the dehumanizing effects of the lecture format. The scripted lecture format as he suggests is a poor model for the basis of sound student learning principles. The results should be the raising the level of the discussion to that of problem solving and inquiry.


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